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Take control of your debt!

Okay let’s talk budgeting and how this can be a life saver! I want to be relatable in this post so I will share a background on how budgeting has changed my financial goals. Over the last couple years, I have been struggling to have enough savings where I felt comfortable. I would always budget and just felt like I was going nowhere on my financial journey – oh I forgot to mention I was also paying off over 38 cards of debt that were created by a family member in my name.

Each month I would just break down and say I would never get through this and it’s not possible. Well guess what! I have managed to pay off over $35,000 in credit debt in just over 2 years. I know you must be thinking that’s not possible unless you have like 15 jobs and are making an insane amount of money. But what really helped was budgeting and monitoring my spending and how to cut back on certain areas.

What really helped me? I will point you to the website The budget mom really inspired me to start being aware of the spending that I was making. I soon realized that I was an emotional shopper and that the money I was spending on that could be used to pay off a card. Watching her stories on Instagram just ignited a fire within me to take control of my finances and pay off all the debt.

Now her budget by paycheck workbook was the first thing that I started with and it helped me out so much. I won’t go into details until another blog to show you have it helped and the real numbers that I see when budgeting now. My goal is to finally be 100% debt free which includes paying off my car loan and student loans.

If this is something that everyone would love to hear more about or more money saving tips that have helped me, please comment below and let’s start the conversation!

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