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Online Shopping Goodies

So, last week I had a problem.

Okay, not like an ACTUAL problem, but still, I needed to be stopped. What was the issue? ONLINE SHOPPING.

I honestly don’t online shop much, but since I’m deployed I’ve been going all in. It’s going to be just like Christmas when I get home. I wanted to share my latest buys with you all. I also found a new site I’m in love with and wanted to share.

This all started, because I was shopping for my reception and bridal shower dresses. I found www.lulus.comand I went a little crazy.

Here are some items I bought:

AREN’T THEY SO CUTE? I know you’re thinking “okay Bri, but how much?”

Girl, first of all most of this stuff was on sale and ON TOP of that I used a discount code.

Seriously, got check this site out!

Naturally I had to buy some shoes to go with these outfits right? Well, I headed straight over to and bought these bad boys:

I always use Fashion nova to order shoes online. They always have good sales going on!

The last item I decided to buy was.........make up

I heard ColourPop came out with their summer collection and I really love me some ColourPop. It has been all over social media lately and wanted to order a few items to come home to. I ordered these out of the new collection:

I just wanted to share with you the new goodies I got and help you out if you have been DYING to online shop like I have. If you find anything on these websites that you like, let me know what you order!


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