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"I don't like where I am at in my life"

It’s Wednesday which means it’s the middle of the week, so let’s talk.

This subject is a little bit deeper than Ted Bundy, but I like to think I give good advice...sometimes. I’ve had a few people in my life recently come to me with the same issue. It’s an issue I know we allllllllll go through. The “I don’t like where I’m at in my life” stage. Feel attacked? Okay good, keep reading.

Let me guess, your friends are all graduating college and you just started online or your best friend just got engaged and you can’t even get a text back. Wait wait wait or THIS one, all your friends moved out of your hometown, but you’re still living there and feel stuck. You know where I’m getting at right?

One, we all do this and it’s actually REALLY toxic for our mindset. It doesn’t help that our society already has some sort of standards for every age, sex, etc etc. Yet, we do this to our OWN selves alllllll the time. Why? Why do we constantly like to ruin our own happiness by constantly comparing our lives to others? Because we are human. It’s also super easy to do.

Self-destruction is NOT hard to accomplish people.

So, what can you? STOP LOOKING AT OTHER PEOPLE’S GRASS. Yes, I’m using the ol’ “grass is greener where you water it” saying, because it’s true DAMMIT. If you’re sitting there looking at what other people have, hell yea you’re going to be depressed. That’s why I don’t follow a lot of celebrities on social media. Their lives are significantly better than mine and it physically hurts sometimes. Look around though, you have it pretty good huh? If you’re always looking at the next thing, you’re going to miss out on what you have. But also, if you really aren't happy, then what can you do change it? Only you can.

Also, quit being so damn hard on yourself. That timeline you have in your head that tells you you’re failing if you don’t have all this done by whatever age, yea it doesn’t actually exist :/

Life happens and sometimes your plans go a different way and that’s 100% okay. So what if your life isn’t on the same path as other people you know, you’re not them. Chill the hell out and be PROUD of yourself. You’re doing fine. This has been your pep talk for the week. Go continue to kick ass at whatever goals you have and be happy making them.

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