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He said, She said

Hi everyone,

So, today was kind of a rough day. That’s what our blog is for right? Airing out our feelings and maybe helping someone else in this process as well.

Anyone ever been put in a situation where they constantly feel like they have to defend themselves? Maybe at work, school, or even at home?

If yes then okay you might FEEL me in this. It’s hard when a situation comes about and you know why you acted the way you did BUT the 3935409 person to hear the other side of the story, won’t.

I know you have to feel me on this. Where you just know the other side of the story will “get around” and hurt people’s opinions about you.

I KNOW I KNOW, we aren’t supposed to care, but some days it’s easier than others. I just gave one of my friends that advice the other day. She was worried about people she just met from a “guy friend” and what they might hear about her (the situation went sour) and I just looked at her and go, “You do know you’re worried about people who are completely irrelevant to your life, right? You just met this people two days ago, who cares.” Obviously easier said than done.

What I keep telling myself though, is that the people who know you, KNOW YOU. You don’t have to prove your case to everyone. To most intelligent people, they don’t judge people on what they “hear”. Everyone makes mistakes and has flaws in their characters and people shouldn’t be bashed forever for that. The people who care about you, will always have your back.

So, I’m taking my own advice and hopefully this helps you too.


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