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Emotional Overwhelm

Let's talk about having those weeks or months or days when you feel an emotional overload happening. I will admit I am always feeling like my emotions get the best of me and don't know how to control them. I get to the point where I hold everything in and then have a mental breakdown because I hold on to everything. Also I take everything personal and I just worry about everyone because really taking care of myself.

I have finally got to the point where I realized that I need to take a step back and analyze what is happening and how my emotions seem to be controlling me. Throughout that I have found a few things that have helped to control my emotions or other ways to write it all down to get everything out. Let's talk about the first thing that seemed to really help.

1. Talking to someone about what is happening

I will admit I normally hate talking to anyone cause I like to figure it out myself or I will just tell myself that it will be fine to get over it. Well that wasn't really helping so I said I need to talk to someone. Now I will tell you that talking to someone can be hard depending on what it going on or if you don't want to overwhelm the person. But talking can help to get all the thoughts out and that one person might be able to help you unload those emotions that are controlling you.

2. Being a Journal!

Have you heard of the wreck this journal? Well, this has been a major help with getting my mind of things or to do something creative. Within this journal there are a bunch of odd task that you can complete to really take your mind off of emotions or potentially help to release some of those emotions.

3. Meditation or Yoga

I have learned that working out can really help with controlling my emotions as well. Now there are multiple workouts that I will complete to get the stress out and release some tension but I have found that meditation or yoga helps to really calm me down. With meditation and yoga I like to follow a class or join in on a class at my local gym. When I'm at home I will fire up an oil diffuser and add some calming oils into here while meditating or doing yoga. While at the gym it is relaxing to spend the time on myself and focus on breathing and relaxing.

All right, let me close this blog out before it goes on forever cause I could talk about this forever. What I have found though is emotions will still happen but it's how we decide to deal with the emotions that can really help us. Emotions have a way of controlling us and mine did for a while which did nothing great for my health. Leave a comment below or reach out if there is anything you would like to talk about!

Until next time we hope everyone enjoys this blog!

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