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Different paths

As I sit here at 330 in the morning writing a blog, I was thinking about the different paths life can take you on. What’s so interesting about life is the path is not always clearly defined. For instance, when we were younger and asked what do you want to be when you grow up? My response was a nurse because I saw my dad going through cancer treatment. I would dress up as a nurse and help the hospice care that would come in and give him medicine. But when I joined the military to get out of my little town I was taken on a different path and am now pursuing a doctoral degree in business administration with a concentration in global supply chain management. Crazy two completely different things nurse and logistics.

You might be asking yourself what is the purpose of this blog what is the point being made? Well I just wanted to share that even though we are taking different paths in life and some might be filled with turns and unexpected bumps the end result should be a place where we are happy. Without happiness in your life it can become overwhelming and tedious. Find the place where you are happy and if that takes time that is okay, we all go through different phases in our life. Heck I even went through a phase where I questioned why my birth father couldn’t get his life together and my grandparents had to adopt me.

When Bri and I began this journey of creating a website we wanted to share our love with reading and blogging with everyone. We write from a place of person experience or just to be able to get our thoughts out. Sometimes just sitting down and writing a blog can help to show what is currently going on within the moment. This leads to another path that I was taken on when I got to North Carolina. I found a best friend who is more than a friend a sister at this point. I mean we practically lived together the whole time I was in North Carolina and leaving her was like breaking up with my best friend. That is one path in my life that I could not predict and I will forever be grateful for her!

Just enjoy the reflection on the paths that have led you to happiness no matter how bumpy they may get. Also remember the friends that have been made along the way and how they could have impacted the current path you are on!

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