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It was 2017, Sam & I were in Books-A-Million shopping for books (obviously). It’s the one place in the shit hole town we lived in that we could really just relax. We were going around and reading the backs of the books. If it was REALLY good, I would read the last page (yes, I’m that type of person). I turned and looked at her and said, “We should start a book club.” Sam usually loves all my ideas and completely agreed. I told her I wanted it to be something different though, like a charity book club or something. The whole thing will completely online. She goes, “What would we call it?” I thought for a second and said, “Blooming”.

Our First Book

Fast forward to now and you can tell there hasn’t been a lot of action. Life got in the way. Sam ended up moving and getting out of the military. I’m still stationed in NC and just got busy. I looked at our website a few months ago and just couldn’t let it go. I always do this. I always start something like this and then when my expectations aren’t met, I quit. I think that’s what happened. I mean really all the reasons we stopped are excuses and not the best kind. I really only have myself to blame.

Deployments really make you think about what you really like to do. So, here I am, thinking about what the hell does Bri like to do. I get asked that all the time, “What’s your hobbies?” Uhhhh, work so I don’t become poor and homeless? I know deep down that’s not EXACTLY true. I like to do things, but damn a bitch gets lazy. Look, another excuse. I’m tired of them. I love to read, write, and express my opinion like everyone else in 2019 so far. Why not make this website, that Sam and I worked on, into “our” place? A place where we can be creative and talk.

That is why I’m writing this post. I need to honor my commitments to myself better. So, welcome to our site! I really hope over time we start making new friends and entertaining people while they drink a cup of coffee or wine (or wine in your coffee, I don’t judge). We still will have our book club, but that will be active after I get back to the states. I really hope you like us. If not, I mean screw you too I guess.


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