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Are you mad at me?

A venting blog if you will:

Don’t you hate when people just switch up on you? I mean yea yea you get over it of course. And if you’re someone who just really doesn’t care, bravo to you my friend.

Unfortunately, some people do. There are people out there who really do care if someone thinks negatively about them. Especially when it really is for no reason it seems like. Most good people, would never purposely do something to someone. It is not their intent to make someone feel like shit.

So, you have these people whose vibe changes and YOU know it. You’re like “okay they were acting extremely weird today.” And you automatically think it’s you. You even ask them and they act like they have no idea what you’re talking about. That’s if you do ask. Some people cut YOU off before you even really get the chance.

Then you’re just left there wondering....what....the...hell. I used to obsess of this. I mean don’t get me wrong, it bothers me a little. Not as much as it used to though. I mean if I ask you what’s going on and you can’t talk to me about it, then there isn’t anything I can do. At that point it’s like okay, stay mad I guess? I’m not going to beg you to work out whatever is going on. I’m like most people who want to be cool and not have problems with people. No matter how hard you try, some people just won’t feel the same about you.

At that point, it’s not worth your energy. As long as you know you tried, that’s it. I know there has to be someone who thinks that way too. Whether it’s someone close to you, a coworker, friend, or family member. At some point, making sure everyone is okay with you just costs too much of your sanity.

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