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October Book!

For the month of October we wanted to read Suicide notes from beautiful girls. This book peaked our interest last month and we just had to read it this month! I have included a picture this month with a brief overview of the book. Bri and I have already read to book and cannot wait to do the video discussion with everyone. We both agree that once you pick this book up it was really hard to put down and do something else. There are a lot of twist and turns in the book that just keep you wanting to know what will happen next.

We will say that this book was really interesting and ever step of the way we were asking each other questions or asking how we felt about different parts in the book. Once we both finished the book all we could talk about was the book and different parts of it and how we felt.

I hope that everyone will go out and grab the book for the month and enjoy it with us! As always make sure to tag us on Instagram once you have purchased your book! This book club was started on our love for reading and also giving back to those who might not have the books to read! Love you all and thank you for continuing to support us!

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