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September Book!

Who is excited to see the book for September! It's been pretty crazy and there has been a lot going on so last month we did not post about the book but we did have it on our Instagram. We are working hard on this book club and do not want it to look like we are slacking. So let's get into the book for the month of September because this is a great one!

I wanted to step back in time for a little and find a book that had a little bit of history in it. There were so many great books at the store that had a history tie and I just wanted to find one that stood out and sounded great! For the month of September we will be reading The Orphan's Tale by Pam Jenoff. The brief overview of the book talks about Noa a sixteen year old girl that has become pregnant by a Nazi soldier and was outcasted by her family. This caused her to give the baby up because she has nowhere else to go. Then we meet Astrid which has a past of her own that she is trying to keep hidden. She is the lead aerialist in the circus and must teach Noa the flying trapeze. Although at first it seems like these two might not get along they form a strong bond with one another to help each other. With this freindship prove to be enough? Or will the secrets on their past come to ruin everything?

Join us on this journey to read this month's book and see this snap of history. Be on the lookout on our Instagram page there might just be a giveaway in the future for all our followers! Just remember that this book club was formed to promote out love for reading and also give back and send books to children in need. We appreciate everyone that has been buying the books and taking the time to go on the journeys with us!

Thank you and we love you!

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