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Let's meet the July Book

For the month of July we will be reading the book My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh. Throughout the novel we learn about a neighborhood in Baton Rouge that really is normal with the same summer activities going on but that all changes when a an attack happens one night. We learn about a fifteen year old girl Lindy Simpson that was attack while on the way home one night.

While everyone may think that this town is the idea area to live there are secrets hidden in the town and they are about to come out while it is investigated on what happened during the attack and who might have committed the attack.

Please join us this month to find out what happens in the story and the secrets that might be hidden. Be on the lookout for the challenge for the month once we begin to read the book. As always make sure to let us know when you purchase your book so we can get all the donation books together to send out.

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