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May Adventure: to a "somewhat" winery we go!

This month our adventure was to visit a winery or vineyard. Well for Coop and I May ended up being a pretty busy for us both so completing our adventure was a little difficult. Today though we got to have some delicious Sangria and an informative chat with an awesome woman who gave us some wine pointers. I mean Sangria is made with wine so that still counts right? In the town we live in there is an antique store with a bar in the back named "Gladstone". The owners transformed this bar into a complete time machine back to the 20's. While listening to music on a record player, enjoying our sangria, and well eating a piece of cheesecake (seriously worth every calorie) our bartender gave us a few wine tasting pointers.

We learned from Eight Hundred Grapes that it takes a lot of time and energy to make a wine. Our bartender told us that when we actually taste a new wine we should hold the first sip in our mouth for at least three seconds. The reasoning behind this is to let our brain process the different flavors. Our second sip is actually us tasting the wine. Making a decision on the first sip isn't give the wine a fair chance. She also informed us on the different ways to hold our wine. When you are tasting a red wine you actually hold the wine glass by the cup. Red wines are suppose to be warm, so by hold the wine glass completely in your hand, your body heat will keep your red wine warm just the way it is suppose to be. While drinking white, you hold the wine by the stem of the glass. White wines are served cold because they are sweet. By holding the glass by the stem the wine will stay cool longer for your enjoyment! We had a blast at this place and the owners were enjoyable to talk to. We hope everyone else got to do some wine tasting this month! I know I personally have more respect for wine markers. Just from reading the book we know how much passion it takes to make something so delicious. Thank you all for reading, see you next time!


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